CASE STUDY: Right Sizing Production Processes

We work with our clients to provide on-demand engineering expertise, including design for manufacturing (DFM), to find the right contact manufacturers to optimize their COGS, NRE and Capital Costs.


A medical device company with a novel technology was struggling with where to split between their console module/permanent equipment and a disposable module and how to manage capital costs given their cash position.

A Scalable Solution

Bayard Design optimized their overall system to reduce disposable costs while still maintaining the simple console cleaning procedures their end customer required.   This set the customer on a long-term path to maximize profits.

To reduce initial capital costs, the disposable frame was 3D printed using ISO 10993 compliant material.   This solution passed CE mark testing and was cleared by FDA for clinical trials.

Once disposable volumes increased, we worked with the customer to thermoform the disposable frame.   By using equivalent materials and making insignificant design updates this change was readily accepted by FDA while reducing Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) with a minimal capital expenditure.

When disposable volumes increased again, we worked with the customer to injection mold the disposable frame to reduce COGS once again with an appropriate capital expenditure.

By providing the client with engineered designs that complemented their stage in the product development process, timelines and budget, Bayard provided a scalable solution that graduated with the client as they progressed from IDE units to high volume production.  This client has gone from a $90 million valuation pre-IPO to a $3 billion market cap while working with Bayard Design.

Benefits of Working with Bayard Design We have a database of reliable suppliers around the US and the world ready for all volumes of prototyping and production.  As experts in design for manufacturing (DFM) we can find the right solution at the right time for your product.  We bring the best practices and techniques to bear on your project and provide our customers with a scalable, comprehensive product-design-as-a-service solution that can be your whole engineering department or a member of your established team.

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