Medical Devices and Products

Cardiovascular Surgical RobotCorindus_robot_Glamour_shot-7-7

  • Engineered a positioning arm accounting for human factors, internal requirements and IEC requirements
  • Participated in system level specification writing

Organ Care and Transport SystemWIPO Patent WO/2009/099939

  • Engineered ultra portable ventilator system with permanent and disposable assemblies
  • Designed and fabricated proof of concept, alpha and beta units
  • Fully documented beta unit using FDA approved DCO system
  • Wrote and implemented product test plan
  • Used FEA analyses to support component design
  • Used Six Sigma methodology to support design decisions
  • Met rigorous reliability, weight and size requirements

Metered Inhaler

  • Engineered solutions for changing dose count with final dose lock out
  • Engineered solutions for correcting decocking mechanismtmi_lung_popsci_ann

One time use syringe

  • Developed concepts for increasing product performance

UV surface cleaner

  • Engineered novel portable UV cleaner from Industrial Design to beta unit
  • Used CFD analysis to support fan sizing, venting and case design

Personal heart rate/respiration monitor

  • Led design effort to develop a man wearable wireless heart rate and respiration monitor
  • Managed multiple Chinese design teams
  • Approved engineering and process changes
  • Led qualification and testing effort

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