Product Development as a Service (PDaaS)

What is PDaaS? I had a pretty good idea, but I felt compelled to jump down the google rabbit hole once I saw this term pop up a few times. Tom Walker has a great article applying the term and concept to software development where he cites a Gartner Survey that says 45% of projects launch at least a month behind schedule. Ouch.

Regardless of terms Bayard Design has been providing product development support, engineering design support and engineering analysis support since 2007. We can help accelerate various tasks or an entire project to get to the 55% of launches that are on time.

Likewise the hire v. outsourcing/staffing v. contract with an outside firm (PDaaS) matrix is as true for a hardware project as it is for a software project. We can seamlessly add resources in and out of the project to optimize speed and cost. We schedule weekly and monthly review meetings to keep the customer in the loop and work as a team to resolve as issues that come up.


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