Presidential Six Sigma

As reported in the Boston Phoenix presidential hopefuls for 2012 are being asked to sign a pledge to “to attend two days of training on the Lean Six Sigma method . . . prior to…inauguration.”  There is apparently more attached to the pledge than that and considering that the vast majority of Lean Six Sigma training is paid this is quite the marketing coup.  Despite these cynical aspects of the pledge promoting the wider use of Six Sigma is a good thing.

Those that thought Six Sigma was a fad in the 90’s that would go the way of TPM et al and fizzle after a few years have been proven incorrect.  The power of Six Sigma is that its not a gimmick, but a methodology largely based on simple statistics and methodologies that have been validated since the 1950’s.

Used properly Six Sigma can reduce defects, improve productivity and reduce costs.  What company can’t use increased efficiency and a higher quality product?

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