Product Launches Without Regulatory Approvals

Amazon has taken a calculated risk in heavily advertising their new Kindle Fire tablets without FCC approval.   This will most likely pay off given that they got to announce a week before Apple’s possible iPad press event and that they are unlikely not be approved by the FCC.   Moreover given the timing Amazon is likely already tooling for their November 20 ship date, so they must anticipate passing with little or no changes to their design.

Not everyone is so lucky.   This was a calculated risk made in a highly competitive market not an oversight.   Apple learned the hard way that good product testing is important.    Others have learned that regulatory testing is critical.

Partnering with a design firm that can write comprehensive test plans, including all regulatory testing and product requirements testing, is critical to product success.   Bayard Design uses the Design for Six Sigma methodology to ensure every key product requirement flows down to its test plan, component specifications and process specifications.

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