Inventor of OCS System finalist for award

Congratulations to Dr. Waleed Hassanein, CEO at TransMedics, for being named a finalist for the 2017 European Inventor Award Finalists.   Best of luck getting the top spot.

Dr. Waleed Hassanein is being honored for developing the Organ Care System (OCS), a technique for preserving human organs outside the body three times longer than traditional cold storage. Dr. Hassanein originally developed the technique to store human hearts at Georgetown University by focusing on using warm environments and surrounding the heart with nutrient-rich blood. Implemented clinically in 2007, OCS is now used for human lung and kidney storage as well.

The additional time that an organ remains viable due to OCS presents a significant breakthrough for transplants. With a longer duration of viability outside the human body, organs can now be transported further and doctors can now accurately assess the suitability of a new organ before re-implantation. Today, Dr. Hassanein is the CEO, President, and Director of TransMedics, the company he founded to commercialize the concept of “living organ transplants” for the improvement of clinical practice.

Bayard Design consultant Matthew De Remer is a co-inventor of the OCS Lung System with Dr. Hassanein.

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